Nursery Rhymes with a Twist & More!!!!

Baby Austin Chronicles, African American Babies, Black babies
Hello Baby
Baby Austin Chronicles

This series introduces baby boy Austin, as he discovers his world around him.  Enjoy the colorful pictures and fun story as Austin meets the neighborhood.


 A  short read sprinkled with sight words for an easy read your little ones ages 0-4.

My First Party ACBrown Books
My First Party
Baby Austin Chronicles

Baby Austin is back again. Join in the fun as he attends his first party. Read all about his very first birthday party.


A quick and easy read for your little ones ages 0-4

Twinkle Twinkle
It's a what?

This book is about Little Star who decides to quit his job twinkling in the night sky. It is an important job and someone has to do it. 


Creative & Imaginative with a more complex story line recommended ages 5 -7

Goodbye is Ok

This book is about teaching kids  who are transitioning from toddlers to Preschoolers that growing is OK. The books points out fun things to look forward to as they leave baby activities behind.


Its a fun  and easy reader;  sure to leave them feeling like a BIG KID!

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