Who is Anita Brownbag?



The Amazing Adventures of Anita Brownbag was my very first book and started off as an idea to encourage my son to grow an interest in reading and writing.  He hated  reading. He also had issues with behavior, decisions and social skills. Which I now know was pretty normal for a kid his age; but it was extremely frustrating as there was more and more pressure from his schools to get him to assimilate to mainstream interest and behaviors.

One day he challenged me to a "freestyle" contest. I certainly can't rap, but it's so similar to poetry that I'd pick a topic and write a story about it.  I started with a little girl I named after myself, and wrote about kid issues that he struggled with everyday at school, and Anita Brownbag was born. My son hated to admit it but he was pretty impressed with my rhyming skills. 


Suddenly he actually wanted to read, looked forward to my stories and he would remember what he read. Over time we made it past EOGs, SAT's and he grew to love words, and would write his own poetry and music lyrics. Even today he reads to his own children.

NOt Another Kids Book!

Let's all agree that the market is over saturated.  If you can color, scribble, write, or dictate a book you can sell it ( Talent optional). So what makes this book stand out?

It's real, it's relate-able, and it's about a kid that we secretly hope our child isn't.

This is the book that reminds us it's okay that our kids aren't robotic and perfect. It shows us there is a way to teach social skills and behavior to kids who are more free spirited,  a little barefoot and wild with way too much energy to just "sit down and shut up."

Using our books, parents can lovingly teach the "wild-child "how to interact with others without breaking their spirits. 


Is always the next burning question. We've been working on a big bundle of  awesomeness! Now we've got animated book videos, and local play dates with Anita Brownbag. Kids get to meet the character, enjoy a story and some crafting. We've also got book trailers showcasing all the titles in the series.

Click to take a look at our book trailers, and You read aloud storytime series. We hope you enjoying watching them and much as we enjoyed creating them.


"Best Book for Young Children

I got this book for my 4 year old daughter, and she loved it!! This is great for new readers and reading with children that aren't quite ready to read on their own. I love this character, she reminds me so much of my own daughter. Definitely a good book and I look forward to reading the rest of series!!!!"

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